Wario World
Wario World box art
Developer(s) Treasure
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) GameCube
Released June, 23, 2003
Genre Platformer
Ratings E
Modes Single player
Input Mini disk

Wario World is a game for the GameCube starring Wario. The game came out in 2003 and was made by the company treasure and published by Nintendo. This is Wario's first 3D platforming game.


Wario World takes place on four worlds called Excitement Central, Spooktastic World, Thrillsville, and Sparkle World. Each world consists of two levels and a boss fight. The worlds are reached from a main hub area. The hub area also leads to the Treasure Square where the Huge Treasure Box is placed. The game begins with Wario enjoying his newly built castle, which is filled with treasures that he has collected from earlier adventures. There is, however, an evil black jewel in Wario's treasure collection that awakens and destroys Wario's castle. The jewel transforms his treasure into monsters, and then turns his castle into four different worlds. After recovering his treasure from the four worlds, Wario attains the key to the Huge Treasure Box containing the Black Jewel. They engage in a battle, in which Wario is victorious, and is thus awarded with regaining his castle.


Wario World is the first Wario game that is in 3D. There are some puzzles in the game. You also are collating treasure to rebuild your castle. The more treasure you get at the end of the game, the better the castle looks. The attack moves that Wario can use are the jump, Wario Punch, Dash Attack, Hyper Suction, Ground Pound, Wild Swing Ding, Piledriver and the Corkscrew Attack. There are four worlds each with two levels and a boss fight. There are puzzles that you have to solve to get a piece of the red crystal and piece of the golden statue. The amount of red crystals changes from level to level. There is also a heart point system in the game. You can buy heart points from various garlic vending machines in the level so that you will not die, however these will cost Wario conis. If you get all red crystals in each level in each world, you will be rewarded by getting more health.