Three Unithorns surrounding Wario in Wario World.
Residence Unithorn's Lair
Species Unicorn
Affiliation Black Jewel
Likes Affiliations
Dislikes Wario
Enemies Wario
First Appearance Wario World (2003)
Latest Appearance Wario World (2003)

The Unithorn is an enemy that is in the game called Wario World. When Wario falls off a cliff or a bridge he would land in the Unithorn's Lair. That's where the Unithorns are in this game. Unithorns look like purple, hippopotamus heads with a rhino's horn. They try to push Wario into the water, or bite him. This is usually considered as stealing coins, since both attacks send coins out of Wario. Unithorns cannot harm Wario though. You can never lose health from any of the Unithorns' attacks. Unithorns show expressions that appear over their heads. If a Unithorn was about to bite Wario, and Wario can avoided it sometimes. Unithorns have a fear of the Smiley Bombs that are that are in there lair. For a short second, when Wario busts a box, and it contains a Smiley Bomb, an exclamation mark appears over the Unithorns' head. When the bomb explodes an exclamation mark would reappear over their heads.