Super Mario Sunshine
SMS NA box art
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Gamecube
Released July 19, 2002 (JP)
August 25, 2002 (NA)
October 4, 2002 (EU)
October 2002 (AUS)
September 25, 2003 (Player's Choice) (NA)
October 10, 2003 (Player's Choice) (EU)
Genre Adventure
Ratings ESRB: Everyone
Modes Single player

Super Mario Sunshine is a GameCube video game released in 2002. In the game, Mario will make use of his new device, F.L.U.D.D., who can squirt water and clean up goop, in an effort to rid Isle Delfino of its pollution problem, which Mario was falsely credited for. The real culprit and the motives behind it are revealed as the player progresses.

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