Nintendo's frist video game console was the color t.v  game. The color t.v was only made in japan. After the color t.v they did not make a new video console for a long time. There next major console was the nes. They ended the video crash of 1983. There major competition was sega with the master system and atrai 7800. Nintendo made some great new game at that time. Like mario, Kid icarus, Earthbound, Metroid and many more. After the nes nintendo made the super nes. Sega made the Genesis. Nintendo wanted to made a cd add on for the super nas with sony. But soon it was cancelled and nintendo made a deal with philps to make the philps cd i. Nintedo soon made the gameboy and sega made the game gear. Nintendo then made the nintendo 64 and virual boy. The virual boy did not do well and soon failed. Nintendo made the gamecube and gameboy advance. Then the nintendo ds got made with touch screen. And the wii with motion control. The 3d got made after the success of th 3ds. The 3ds you could turn on a 3d effect. Nintendo's frist hd console got made the Wii U.

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