Luna, appearing in WarioWare: Touched!
Residence Diamond City
Occupation Baker at the Sweet Spot
Family None known
Species Human
First Appearance WarioWare: Touched!
Latest Appearance WarioWare: Touched!
Voice actor Unknown

Luna is a minor character appearing (to date) only in WarioWare: Touched! She is a young-looking girl with long blue hair tied in a bunch behind her head, who is the evident proprietor of Diamond City's local confectioner's shop, the Sweet Spot. Luna placed 4th for her singing in the weekly Top 5 chart list on Ear Candy, a popular music station on the Diamond Broadcasting System (DBS), suggesting that she may also uphold a musical career.


  • During Mona's microgame opening cinematic, Luna can be heard singing a softer, more refined version of Ashley's theme song.


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