I Spy
I Spy
I Spy gameplay.
Game(s) WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!
Type Introduction
Information "Guess what: I'm sneaky! Don't let me out of your sight!"
Controls D-pad: Move light
Clear 20

I Spy is an Introduction microgame in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!.


In the game, the player is in a dark room and there is a light that he/she must shine on Wario. Wario moves around and tries to escape from the light. For the player to win the microgame, he/she must have the light shine down on Wario until the end. If not, the microgame is lost.

Levels Edit

1: Spotlight is big and Wario's pattern is easy

2: Spotlight is medium size and Wario slightly faster with his movements

3: Spotlight is small and Wario is way faster.

Warioware Gold Edit

I Spy returns as a microgame in Warioware Gold, now titled as "Busted!" and it's found from folders Mash, Intro and Wario.

Nothing has changed in this game.

Trivia Edit

In Warioware Twisted, there's a game called "Busted!", which is a two-dimensional version of I Spy. However, Warioware Gold brought this game back now called as Busted!