Golden Diva
The Golden Diva, the final boss.
Residence The Golden Pyramid
Occupation Queen
Species Presumably Human, now a ghost
Enemies Wario
Rivals Wario
Powers and Abilities Magic
First Appearance Wario Land 4
Latest Appearance Wario Land 4

The Golden Diva is the final boss in Wario Land 4.

Wario Land 4Edit

She had captured the golden pyramid, and cursed Princess Shokora in a cat-like being. She fights mainly with her fan and minions, eventually resorting to stomping on the player. Her attacks include sending a leaf-monster to attack you, dropping a highly explosive bouncy ball, dropping an explosive egg (with explosive chick), and a spiked hammer. If a large portion of masks come off, she shows her true face. She bodyslams the floor, making spikes appear. You must watch out. Dash attack her twice, And the diva grows angry. Fangs and zombified eyes will pop out. Dash her once more to kick the behemoth back in her place. Attack her lips to free Shokora.