Dinomighty sprite
Enemies Wario
Rivals Wario
Powers and Abilities Shock Wave,Glue Globe,
First Appearance Wario World
Latest Appearance Wario World
WARNING: this article has some humorous jokes but the focus here is a good article that have good information of this obscure boss and a fine strategy on it.

WARIO: so my wiki is unciclopedia now?

AUTHOR (meatboom): no, just though that wario games is a funny franchise and it needs to have a funny article...:3

ALSO: ground slam: A button+R trigger

wacky spin: grab+ spin the left analog stick

charged launch: grab+ hold the B button WHO IS?

Dinomighty is the third boss in Excitement Central that when it is defeated you can recover a key to the second world, the Spooktastic World.


it's a big lizard with a red bikini a blonde wig and a red lipstick.

-it's easily the most comical character in wario world.(some people like weirdos like me think that its attractive)

-maybe is because of it there is no detailed wiki of 'her'.

-the gender of the boss is a mistery so it´s why i use 'her'


wario and dinomighty size comparison



-"bouncing smash"- 'she' uses it to rampage the ground chasing the player that let a yellow impact zone that you need to evade. 'she' can use it three times in a row when running out of's 'her' main attack

-"ground step"- when you punch 'she' uses it. when you hide from 'her' eyes she will also do a tail spin attack.

-'tail spin attack'- just a stupid tail spin that not huts you and let you grab 'her' tail, so you can open her defence and hit 'her' face when the tail lifts you.

-"tongue blast"- is when she uses her tongue to attack with raging red eyes that alert you. if you is in the front of a pillar dogde it and 'she' will grab it and take damage or just grab it and the ground slam her face.

-you can not hurt 'her' with the normal attacks so you have two ways to finish 'her'.


- grab the tail when 'she' spins it (spin happens when you punch her normallyand hide from 'her' eyes) and wait for 'her' to look up and use a ground smash on 'her' face to daze 'her'.
Hqdefault (2)

using stomp just before the tail spin when you punch 'her'

-use the pillars on the stage (in the left side picture it´s in "front" of her belly['front' is because it's a flat picture place, in normal gameplay it´s next to the cross line borders.]) with a charged launch.

- you also can make 'she' fall in a pillar so 'she' will hop into lava due to pain in the foot (pillars are just like lego).


-use piledriver

-use a charged launch on the lava (just before the cross line)

-use the wacky spin next to the lava.

-repeat any of the methods five times to defeat 'her'.                                                                                    


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