The second story "Defeat the Giant Spear Man" of the third chapter "Ruins at the Bottom of the Sea" is a secret course in Wario Land II. The plot takes place in an abandoned and old giant temple located at the surface of the sea. After Wario made the ship SS Tea Cup sink, as part of the secret goal, in the previous story by destroying a skull like block blocking the water leakage of the ship, he, Captain Syrup and her minions abandon the ship and go to the temple. The temple inside, however, is free from water except a few places, which are supposed to have. The temple has numerous paths, one leading to the boss; the giant spear man, and if Wario goes the wrong way, he starts over from the beginning by falling down from the air. The temple has countless destroyable blocks, some which the player should avoid destroying in order to get back to higher platforms, and to reach a certain place containing big coins.

The treasure of Defeat the Giant Spear Man is a trident.

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