Black Jewel
Enemies Wario
Rivals Wario
First Appearance Wario World
Latest Appearance Wario World

The Black Jewel is the main antagonist of and the final boss in Wario World. Mega Mix in Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventune.


The Black Jewel is the main antagonist of Wario World. Meanwhile while Wario is relaxing in his castle, he notices all of his precious treasures being sucked up, some being turned into what he calls "ugly monsters" (enemies). The Black Jewel sucks is the one who is causing all of this. With that being said, he scatters all of Wario's treasures across the four worlds in the game. Each level has different treasures found in them. They can be identified by a large colored button. If this colored button is Ground Pounded, the treasure will pop up on a pad of the same color far away. Wario has a time limit to get to the treasure before he must repeat the process. Once Wario reaches the Black Jewel, he will enter a boss battle in Treasure Square. If Wario successfully defeats the Black Jewel, the Black Jewel will scream loudly before exploding to bits. Wario will then receive all of his lost treasures.


During the boss battle, both Wario and the Black Jewel will have 8 lives. The Black Jewel has three attacks. The first includes shooting a wall of fire from his eye until it surrounds Wario. The second attack includes the Black Jewel pounding the ground, sending harmful shockwaves across the battlefield. The third attack includes the Black Jewel shooting fireballs with the ability to home in on Wario. The second and third attack will only occur depending on how narrow the space is between the wall of fire created from the first attack. If the space is very narrow, the Black Jewel will use the shockwave attack. If the space isn't too narrow, the Black Jewel will use the fireball attack. 

To defeat the Black Jewel, Wario must first free five Spritelings trapped in crystals using one of his punches. After freeing each Spriteling, they will dash towards the Black Jewel and hit him, stunning him. Wario must then pick up the unconscious Black Jewel and use either his Wild Swing Ding or Piledriver move to damage him. Wario must then do this 7 more times to defeat the Black Jewel for good. 



  • Despite being named the "Black Jewel", he is actually dark purple in color.