Species Ankiron
Dislikes Wario
Enemies Wario
Latest Appearance Wario World
The Ankiron is an enemy that makes a appearance in Wario World. It is a huge and heavy enemy, so big it can't do anything but turn itself. The Ankiron looks like a turtle with a cannon on its shell. Ankirons, along with Magon, Clubosaur and Cractyl, are among the most common enemies in the game. The Ankiron shoots cannonballs at Wario. It charges the cannonballs first before shooting them. The Ankiron itself is harmless to Wario, but the cannonballs aren't. Wario must punch the Ankiron four times, or throw a cannonball back at the Ankiron to stun it. Punches aren't the best move since Ankirons can go into their defensive shells to protect themselves. If they do, and Wario continues to punch them, they will shoot cannonballs in all directions. Since it is so big, Wario takes a while to successfully pick up the Ankiron. He can then use a powerful move to defeat it. Skeletal, Circus, Rhino, Ice, Stuffed and Mummy Ankirons are also seen. The Ankiron in Greenhorn Forest and Greenhorn Ruins has a clumsy face (note why Wario says Ankirons smell like feet in Wario World's instruction manual). In the later levels it has an angry face.

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