5-Volt in "Game & Wario"

5-Volt is 9-Volt's mother. She made few appearance in the Wario's series.

It is one of the main characters (with 9-Volt) of the "Gamer" level in Game & Wario. It is the first time we see her face. It is also the first time she made a starring role.


  • 5-Volt appears as a stage hazard on the Gamer stage in Super Smash Bros. 4She may pop out of windows, doors, or objects throughout the stage and search the area for players, shown by a yellow light she gives off. If any players are in the yellow light, which shows how far she can see, she will get angry. Her instant anger deals damage to players and has high knockback, allowing instant KOs to happen often if characters are spotted. 

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